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Stephen Colbert explains Cloud Fog: 'part cloud, part fog, all security'


Stephen Colbert has a lot to say about online privacy, Edward Snowden and the NSA, and he shared his thoughts Friday evening at an Internet security conference in San Francisco. Privacy advocates had implored Colbert to skip the event, which was hosted by security giant RSA -- a company that reportedly took $10 million from the NSA to give the agency a back door into its software. Said Colbert: "I looked at the signatures on the online petition, then I looked at the signature -- my signature -- on the bottom of the contract saying I'd be here today, and my conscience was clear, as long as the check clears. Well, it's not actually a check. They gave me a Bitcoin voucher for Mt. Gox. And I'm sure it's going to be fine."

Colbert also used the event to unveil his own privacy solution, something he calls Cloud Fog. The service -- which he describes as "part cloud, part fog, all security" -- relies on a familiar "advanced polyhedral extruded polymer info solid" to generate random numbers. Hey, doesn't seem any worse than many of the real security solutions out there.

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