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Work-for-hire UK indie Remode closing, founders plan new start

S. Prell, @SamPrell

UK-based developer Remode will be closing its doors after seven years in operation as a work-for-hire studio, founders Ella Romanos and Martin Darby announced late last week. Romanaos and Darby started Remode with the intention of creating their own IP, using work with other studios to fund development. According to the news on Remode's website, that's no longer the case, though the duo still plan to develop original projects.

"We sought to build a work-for-hire platform with the ultimate goal of developing our own IP and seven years in we're incredibly proud of what we have achieved," Romanos and Darby wrote. "Making our own games remains our goal, so we have made the decision to close down Remode as a work-for-hire studio and focus on developing new ways to raise resources for IP projects, plans for which will be announced soon."
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