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OS X 10.9.3 beta features native Retina resolution for 4K displays, and other news for March 7, 2014

Yesterday Apple released the first beta of OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to developers. At the time of its release Apple didn't note any changes in the beta beyond asking developers to concentrate on Graphics Drivers and Audio. However, now devs have found that OS X 10.9.3 offers support that enables all 4K displays to run at a native Retina resolution.

The news of native 4k Retina support doesn't necessarily mean Apple is getting ready to drop its own 4k display. The company could very well only be addressing the aggravations of third-party 4k display owners. Prior to this update, 4k displays suffered from hard-to-read text in OS X Mavericks, with noticeably small UI elements and menu items.

The new Retina display option was first found by Twitter user @KhaosT, who posted the above screenshot.

It should be noted that Apple sometimes does test and then pull new features in beta builds of OS X, but those that own 4k displays are no doubt happy Apple appears to be working towards better support for the advanced format.

In other news:

  • For those interested in seeing a peek inside Apple's meeting rooms, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu YouTube page has posted a video of his meeting with Tim Cook at Apple's HQ.
  • Pixelworks has revealed in an SEC filing that it supplies Apple with components for an undisclosed device. Given that they company manufactures high-resolution displays, it's likely that the company contributes Retina displays to Apple's iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Amazon has released the Amazon Seller app for iPhone. The new app allows third-party Amazon sellers to manage their accounts from their iPhones.

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