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Matt Stone on South Park's censored scenes: 'It's not that big a deal'

S. Prell, @SamPrell

South Park: The Stick of Truth may be censored in some regions of the world, but series co-creator Matt Stone told The Guardian that the censorship - in which offending scenes are replaced by a still image and a text description - isn't "that big a deal," and "doesn't change things that much."

"We weren't willing to change the content, but also it doesn't ruin the game – it's like 40 seconds' worth of the whole game," Stone said. "As long as we could make a joke out of the fact that they made us cut this, that was fine." Stone also noted that the censorship felt like a double standard; compared to television, games have more scrutiny aimed at their content. He believes it's due to their interactive nature.

"There is an interactiveness that makes it different," Stone said. "There are things that make people more uncomfortable in an interactive world, definitely. But that said, what we had in the game, we could have shown that on TV pretty easily, especially now."

Even with the censored scenes removed, The Stick of Truth still features plenty of dark comedy, as noted in our review. And, if you happen to be a Joystiq reader who lives in a region where you don't get to experience the content firsthand, we have a stream of the uncensored version of the game for your viewing (dis)pleasure.
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