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    Fulfill your destructive desires with Smash Hit


    If there's one thing human beings love more than constructing something beautiful, it's seeing things utterly destroyed. Smash Hit taps into that primal urge in a glorious way by not only allowing you to cause dazzling destruction, but requiring it.

    Smash Hit is played from a first-person perspective, pushing you forward at a constant rate of speed through geometric environments. Most of the world is indestructible, but scattered throughout it are brittle glass objects that can indeed be satisfyingly shattered into many little pieces.

    But as fun as flicking or swiping these objects into oblivion might be, you can only interact with the world by throwing small spheres. Tapping on the screen launches a ball forward, bouncing off of some objects and breaking others. The orbs are affected by gravity, so you'll need to quickly familiarize yourself with the physics of the game in order to correctly predict an object's path.

    You are given a limited number of balls to throw at the very start, and you can only unlock more by shattering the objects in your path. Once you run out of spheres to toss, the game ends and you have to start back at the beginning.

    One of the most impressive things about Smash Hit is how downright gorgeous it is. The world itself might be comprised of simple shapes, but there are subtle touches everywhere. Glass objects break apart realistically and it's endlessly satisfying to crush them as you slide forward.

    There's definitely a learning curve, and the quicker you learn the arc of your toss the better off you'll be, but it's a great experience from the very start. The best part is that Smash Hit is currently free on the App Store and it's universal, so snatch it up and enjoy on your iPhone or iPad!

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