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Stiq Figures, February 24 - March 2: Best licensed games edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

This week's release of South Park: The Stick of Truth reminded us of how satisfying it is when a licensed game doesn't end up resembling a pile of burning trash. The idea of turning our favorite shows or movies into video games is an immediately attractive concept, but history has taught us that they don't always pan out so well.

Let's repress our poor gaming choices, though - it's more fun to recall the games that handled their licenses well, or at least ones that played well enough to be enjoyable. My brother and I spent plenty of time reinforcing our poor compatibility as teammates in Goof Troop, but nothing claimed hours of my childhood like the Super Nintendo version of The Lion King. Maybe that's true because I spent the vast majority of that time getting killed by porcupines, stone-throwing monkeys, hyenas and botched grabs at hippopotamus tails. I've still managed to finish it twice in my life without cheats however, and I made a bit of a scene out of both victories.

It's a bit tougher to find enjoyable licensed games these days, but not entirely impossible. I can still get my Disney fix from Kingdom Hearts, at least! There are plenty of games beyond those using cartoon licenses, of course, and you should tell me about the ones you've had the most fun with in the comments below! Right after you check out this week's Japanese hardware sales, of course.
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PS4: 65,685 [DOWN] 243,469
3DS LL: 26,027 [UP] 3,774
Vita: 21,581 [UP] 4,724
PS3: 13,155 [UP] 3,172
3DS: 11,986 [UP] 2,088
Wii U: 8,204 [DOWN] 203
PSP: 3,652 [UP] 481
Vita TV: 1,543 [UP] 160
Xbox 360: 257 [UP] 16

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