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Toddler saves injured Mom with Facetime call


When Laura Toone of Tuscon, Arizona had her finger nearly bitten off in the midst of breaking up a dog fight, she feared for the worst. Losing blood quickly, she wanted to call 911 but didn't have the strength.

Thankfully, her resourceful 2-year old son Bentley came to the rescue, first with a towel to wash off blood from his mom's iPhone and second with a FaceTime call to one of his mom's friends who promptly was able to summon for help after hearing her friend screaming in pain.

According to the CNN video below, Bentley doesn't know how to call 911 but is familiar with FaceTime as he uses it often to call one of his mom's friends. You know, just to say hello and marvel at the magic of video chatting. And of course, to make some prank phone calls every now and again.

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