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Open-world voxel RPG Planets³ coming to Windows PCs next year


French indie team Cubical Drift announced the upcoming release of Planets³, an open-world, voxel-based role-playing game due to launch next year for Windows PC platforms.

Planets³ finds players stranded on a cube-shaped alien world, where they'll craft items and construct vehicles in order to explore their surroundings. Players can team up with native Job Masters, who teach essential skills like cooking, blacksmithing, and engineering. The end goal is to build a starship and explore the surrounding universe, where further secrets lie.

Cubical Drift seeks funding for the project via Kickstarter, where it has currently earned over $50,000 toward its initial goal of $250,000. Planets³ is also up for vote at Steam Greenlight.

[Image: Cubical Drift]

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