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Dark Souls 2 mortality counter tallies 4.3 million deaths


More than fantasy tropes, gloomy yet attractive graphics or an overarching sense of despair, the hallmark of Dark Souls 2 is repeated, oft-frustrating character death, so it just makes sense to have a website keeping track of all of this suffering.

Officially dubbed the "Dark Souls 2 Player's Site," the webpage is less a celebration of player triumphs and more a monument to their endless willingness to throw themselves against the same foes that killed them moments before. As of now, two days after Dark Souls 2 made its retail debut, the Xbox 360 side of the site claims 1,311,973 total deaths, while the PlayStation 3 side reports 2,991,976.

While these numbers are probably not entirely accurate - it seems unlikely that 1,657 Xbox 360 players have finished the game while a mere three PlayStation 3 owners have done the same - the site's functionality should improve as the game's post-launch hiccups subside. In the meantime, try to figure out what the rest of the site means. Those scales are self-explanatory, but the red and white candles remain a waxy enigma.
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