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Breakfast Topic: Did you get yourself a Hearthsteed?

Anne Stickney

I really couldn't help myself. The Hearthsteed was introduced earlier this week as part of Hearthstone's official launch -- a new and particularly shiny mount for WoW as a reward for winning three games in play mode. Having played Hearthstone a bit in beta, the game wasn't really unfamiliar to me -- but I lacked the really good cards, and I hadn't actually leveled up to 10 when all the cards were reset mid-beta. Despite all of that, I pretty much threw any reservations I had out the door and went to play.

And it took a while. It took quite a while -- mostly because I'd forgotten what so many of the cards actually did. But despite the frustrating losses, I eventually got my three wins, and got my Hearthsteed in the mail. Considering the fact that Hearthstone is free to play, it's pretty easy to get this particular mount -- simply play the game, win three times against others, and you're good to go. A no-brainer, as far as I'm concerned.

I've seen plenty of these lovely glowing steeds flying around since the game's launch, but I'm curious anyway. Have you gotten yourself a Hearthsteed? Do you plan to? Are you happy that the mount is pretty much free to obtain? And how do you like Hearthstone -- is it something you enjoy playing, or is it something you'll play to get your mount and then quit? Despite the frustrations involved with getting those three wins, I still like Hearthstone just as much as ever -- and I'll likely be giving it a play every now and again when I've got the free time. Will you?

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