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Report: Rez developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi departs Q Entertainment


Tetsuya Mizuguchi, most famous for developing trippy shooters Child of Eden and Rez, has departed Q Entertainment, according to an unnamed employee who reportedly contacted CVG to relay the news.

Though Mizuguchi founded Q Entertainment in 2003 after leaving Sega, CVG's anonymous source claims the developer departed the company at an unspecified point in 2013. The move remained a secret until now, though its not entirely clear why neither Q Entertainment nor Mizuguchi made this news available to the public.

As for Mizuguchi's motivations, the source cites the acquisition of Q Entertainment by Japanese company Sanyo Chemical Industries. That may be the case, but Mizuguchi had long ago stepped away from having an active hand in the development of Q Entertainment's products. As we reported in 2012, Mizuguchi made a public decision to move into a spokesman role at the company, and had focused his development efforts on more academic pursuits.
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