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Chromecast officially available across Europe and in Canada starting today


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Sure, a few eager Amazon shoppers might have been enjoying the Chromecast on the other side of the pond, more or less straight after it launched in the US. However, those Europeans (update: and Canadians) waiting for an official retail channel, (as suspected) your time has finally come. Google just announced that its popular media streaming TV accessory will be available for customers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland starting today and will cost £30. Naturally you can purchase via the Play store, but Amazon will be stocking also. If you prefer things a little more bricks and mortar, and live in the UK, they're also coming to Curry's -- if you hadn't already heard -- and PC World. With the official release in new territories of course comes region specific apps, led by the BBC's ubiquitous iPlayer which will now play nice with the HDMI dongle. All these new customers, just in time for the inevitable wave of apps, too. It's almost like they plan these things...

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