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Unreal Engine 4 available for all in new subscription model


Epic Games announced today that Unreal Engine 4 will take an entirely different approach to its business model using a subscription-based system. Instead of paying for a license (which can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars), the new model is a flat $19 per month, plus 5 percent of gross revenue from any commercial product.

The monthly fee is obvious, but for those who don't speak business, this new model means that almost anyone can have access to the the Unreal Engine 4 and the only real caveat is if they try to sell a game made with it, they owe Epic a small cut. For those not interested in the subscription model, the engine is still available as custom-negotiated license. The subscription model is available starting at 12:30PM Eastern (9:30AM Pacific) today.

"It's not a shooter engine anymore, it's for whatever you want to build," said Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games. He showed off a demo called Tappy Chicken and mentioned strategy games.

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