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Puppeteer director to pursue smaller games next, steer clear of retail


In a Puppeteer postmortem peppered with prickly punditry, Sony Computer Entertainment's Gavin Moore gave attendees of the Game Developers Conference a small idea of what he and his team hope to craft next. Coming off Puppeteer, a dark and clever PlayStation 3 platformer carved from the world of theater, Moore intends to pitch and pursue three to four smaller games beyond the borders of retail stores.

"I think we're too reliant on stores to sell our products for us," Moore said. Though Puppeteer failed to find a large audience – "not a disaster by any way," he added – it seems to have spurred a serious rethink of retail, marketing and the backbreaking work of creating a unique and polished game. Moore intends to "make three or four products at once, and put them up on the net somewhere for people to download."

Moore, who worked with Sony's Japan Studio to bring Puppeteer to life, said he has four ideas in mind, "which should be in presentable form [for Sony] by the time I get back to Japan next week." Contrasting the duration of a new game's development with his age (44) and corresponding life expectancy, Moore said he should have about nine games left in him – but he feels there are more.

The lesson is that life's too short for retail. Or maybe, as Moore jokingly said, it's "releasing in the same week as GTA5 doesn't help your product."

Note: Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on September 17th, within 6 days of Puppeteer's European launch.

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