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5 iPhone speaker amplifiers that you already own


The speakers on the iPhone are fine for text tones and chirps from Angry Birds, but they don't really fit the bill for high-quality music. If you don't have your headphones handy but still want to rock out to some booming tunes, give these household objects a try. They work like a megaphone for your music, and you'll be surprised by how much better your iPhone can sound.

A mug

iphone aplifiers

The old standby, tossing your iPhone in a mug is the most common way people add some muscle to their iPhone's speakers. It's handy, and you probably have one on your desk right now.

A measuring cup

iphone aplifiers

Thick glass measuring cups are just as good, if not better than a simple coffee mug. The plastic versions don't work nearly as well, so don't bother with those.

Anything ceramic

iphone aplifiers

Ceramic pottery -- like an unused vase or planter -- will give add some serious "boom." You want to make sure the object you're using is at least as tall as your iPhone, as the effects aren't nearly as noticeable in a shallow bowl or dish.

A Pringles can

pringles can

Don't toss that snack sleeve out once you've enjoyed its tasty contents, just slide your iPhone in and enjoy the sweet sounds of louder, more crisp musical notes.

A drawer

iphone aplifiers

If you're really in a bind and don't have any of the above objects within reach, you may still be able to give your iPhone some amplification by using an empty drawer. Smaller drawers work better, and you'll want to make sure it's only open about half way. Oh, and don't try this if you have a bunch of junk in the drawer, because it'll kill any positive effects.

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