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Football Manager Classic 2014 makes its European Vita debut on April 11


Developer Sports Interactive and publisher Sega have announced a release date for the Vita incarnation of Football Manager Classic 2014: April 11.

The game, which is described as a "fully-featured handheld version of Football Manager Classic," brings a more streamlined approach to the simulation aspects of Football Manager. Instead of spending countless hours poring over every minute detail of your squad, Football Manager Classic instead boils down the fan-favorite simulation formula to its bare essentials. This allows players to work their way through a lengthy managerial career without dedicating months of their otherwise busy lives to sitting in front of a computer.

This Vita incarnation of the game is the first mobile version of Football Manager Classic to utilize the same 3D Match Engine found in its PC counterpart. As a result, players are able to start a game on the PC, transfer save data to the Vita, then continue their career on the go.

Sega has yet to establish a price point for the Vita version of Football Manager Classic 2014, but it does note that come April 11, the game will be available in both retail and digital incarnations.
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Fully-featured handheld version of Football Manager Classic, with

cross-platform compatibility and 3D match engine, to be available from Friday,

April 11th

March 26th 2014

Sports Interactive™ and SEGA® Europe Ltd. are delighted to announce that the release date for Football

Manager™ Classic 2014 (FMC 2014) for PlayStation Vita has been set as Friday, April 11th.

FMC 2014 for PS Vita is the first game in the series' long and successful history to allow fans to carry on

a single continuous game, whether they're at home using their computer or out and about with their

PlayStation Vita (or vice versa).

In addition, FMC 2014 for PS Vita is also the first ever mobile game to feature FM's acclaimed 3D Match

Engine, adding an extra layer of realism and immersion that's been unavailable in previous Football

Manager Handheld games, alongside a pretty much identical feature set to Football Manager Classic on

home computers.

Produced with considerable support from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), FMC 2014 for PS

Vita has been co-developed by Sports Interactive, its sister development studio Hardlight™ (responsible

for Sonic Dash™ and Sonic Jump™) and Sheffield-based Little Stone Software.

"It's great to finally be able to release FMC Vita. This game has been the most technically challenging

that we've ever worked on – we've essentially fit a PC game that needs loads of memory, a mouse and a

keyboard into Sony's wonderful handheld with a touch screen – and the help we've had from all of our

partners has been wonderful," says Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive. "To be able to

take your home computer save onto the road adds a huge amount to the Football Manager experience."

"For years, the dream of many Football Manager fans has been to be able to enjoy a full version of their

favourite game wherever they are," says Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony

Computer Entertainment Europe. "Sports Interactive and SEGA have realised that dream on the PS Vita,

and we at PlayStation are delighted with their ground-breaking results."

Football Manager Classic started life as a 'slimmed down' game mode in Football Manager 2013,

specifically designed as an alternative, less time-consuming way for players to approach the game. The

release of FMC 2014 for PS Vita marks the first time that it's been released as a standalone game.

Football Manager Classic 2014 for PlayStation Vita will be published by SEGA and will be available as both

a physical release and a digital download through the PSN store.

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