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This Apple portable desktop prototype would make you the ultimate hipster at Starbucks


MacBooks are great and all, but this 1980s prototype for a portable computer definitely challenges today's portable Macs for overall cool factor. Less a laptop and more of a desktop-on-the-go, the prototype is housed at Frog Design in San Francisco.

You'll never get your hands on it, but just imagine dropping by your local coffee shop while carrying this sexy machine at your side. Slap it down on a table, prop up the before-its-time flat panel display, and watch as the stares come fast and furious. I can't imagine typing on the strange, angular keyboard, but it certainly fits the machine's retro-futuristic vibe.

Of course, you'd probably need to hunt down an open power outlet before long, as I can't imagine something so unflinchingly 80s would have gotten very good battery life.

[Photo credit: Ian Lamont, In 30 Minutes guides]

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