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Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film gets fully augmented, now live

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The year is 2014. It is a time of great costumes and super cool fight scenes. It is the time of a Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film from Dcode Films, directed by Moe Charif. And regardless of whether you did or didn't ask for this, the end result is pretty stunning. Take a look and see for yourself how far its come since the December 2012 teaser.

As for those who haven't yet played Eidos Montreal's entry to the Deus Ex series, don't worry: this isn't a straight-up translation of the game's plot, so even though it features characters from Human Revolution, there are no spoilers here.

Once you're done watching Adam "These Sunglasses Augmentations Were Totally Necessary" Jensen, you can also punch your way through the film's fourth wall and check out a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the sets, stunts and CG used in the film.
[Image: Dcode Films]

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