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Call of Duty: Ghosts 'Devastation' DLC confirmed to feature The Predator


There's something out there waiting for us in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it ain't no man. A new trailer for the upcoming "Devastation" DLC briefly showcases The Predator, as per last week's tease, but it doesn't exactly confirm how the alien menace is involved. Chances are it's similar to how Michael Myers features in January's "Onslaught" DLC; players transform into that horror from the big screens when duking it out in the Fog map.

Devastation launches this week, April 3, on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and other platforms will follow presumably with the traditional one month wait. The DLC features four new maps including the reimagining of the popular "Dome" arena from Modern Warfare 3, and it also chucks in the two-in-one Ripper weapon and the second episode in the Extinction campaign. It's priced at $15 as a single download, or it's available as part of the $50 Season Pass that covers four DLC packs in total.

It's unconfirmed if Devastation features the greatest handshake of all time.
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