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    Daily App: Ready to Go misses the mark as a manager for those last minute tasks


    Ready to Go from AppBit has an interesting premise -- rather than a to-do list for everything you need to do in a day, the app focuses on those routine household tasks you must do every time you are "ready to go" somewhere. It's perfect for folks like me who rush out the door and forget something every time.

    The app launches to the "ready to go" screen, which allows you to mark off tasks that you need to complete before you leave the house. It is blank when you begin as you need to add tasks from the default checklist. Tasks include turn off the faucet, lock the door, check the iron and so on. When you've selected your tasks, you return to the "ready to go" screen and swipe your tasks as you complete them. You also can set time-based alerts to remind you to complete your tasks.

    Ready to Go

    As much as I like the idea behind Ready to Go, I'm not going to keep it on my phone as it lacks one major feature -- customization. There is one checklist provided with the app, and you can't add to it or change the existing list items. This is a missed opportunity as not everyone has an iron or a teapot that needs attention before they leave.

    Along with a single customizable list, I would love to see support for multiple lists and maybe even a location option that alerts you when walk out the door. This might be a jump ahead, but this is a perfect application for a household iBeacon. Install it at the door and get alerts as you walk through the threshold.

    Ready to Go is pretty with its minimalist UI, but it is not very practical without the ability to create your own list. The task manager is available for 99-cents from the iOS App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7.0 .

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