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Ether One studio in talks to bring first-person thriller to PS4


Ether One, the first-person, mind-plundering thriller from White Paper Games, may bring its special brand of brain-busting to PS4, designer Pete Bottomley told Joystiq during our livestream this week.

"Officially at the weekend I found out that I could say that we are licensed Sony developers," Bottomley said. "I met with Guy [Richards] from SCEE at the weekend when we were at Rezzed. The guys at Sony have just been awesome, so so nice, just always checking in and seeing how development is going. So we were chatting at the weekend about possible PlayStaiton 4, so we're gonna look into that."

Bottomley adds that there is "nothing confirmed yet," but the option is on the table.

In Ether One, players are Restorers, professionals able to jump into the minds of people suffering from mental disorders. The patient you're helping this time around has dementia, and as a Restorer, you must traverse the person's memories, collecting red ribbons scattered around the landscape to repair that mind. It's part puzzle, part exploration, and the ending hides a surprising twist that we found to be brilliantly pretentious (in a good way).

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