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Half-Minute Hero 2 rushing onto Steam later this week


We're out of April Fools territory, so we can safely report a new Steam page for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming lists the speedy sequel's release date as Friday, April 4. The date was first revealed in a trailer published yesterday, but it also noted a price of $1,000... we're guessing that bit's slightly inaccurate. Hopefully.

The follow-up to Half-Minute Hero was previously limited to Japan, where it was released on PSP back in 2011. The sequel follows the motif of chaotic RPG questing in portions of 30 seconds, but adds new features to the mix including four-player multiplayer, Infinite Battle and Time Attack modes, and a map editor.

The Second Coming features Big Picture and controller support, and Steam owners of the original Half-Minute Hero get a 25 percent discount on the sequel... that's hopefully not 25 percent of $1,000.
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