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Twitch adding 'Group Chat'


Game broadcasting service Twitch is adding group chat functionality to the platform. Group chat allows users to create private and invite-only windows that are separate from the normal chat channel. Pssst, don't tell anyone, but it's where the cool kids will hang out. The champagne room of Twitch... and now we can't erase that image.

"You have Facebook for your life, LinkedIn for your job and Twitch for your gaming. Because of our prominent presence in the social arena, introducing Group Chat offers a compelling new way for the community to interact," said Twitch VP of Marketing Matthew DiPietro.

The beta period begins Thursday and is only for members in the Twitch Partner Program, but any user can be invited to join a group chat. The full launch is still to be determined. The service also recently announced more European support, Xbox One integration and PS4 upgrades.

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