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Judge denies Apple and other news for April 4, 2014


Happy Friday, folks. I've just emerged from my RSS reader with these nuggets to share with you.

  • Judge Lucy Koh denies Apple motion regarding Samsung's opening statements. Apple was not happy with opening statements made by Samsung counsel, which claimed that Apple does not use some of the patents named in the suit. Apple felt Samsung was being misleading and asked the judge for curative actions, which she denied.
  • Members of the press got to tour Turkey's first Apple Store (Apple's 424th store overall) prior to its opening, and boy is it beautiful. I'd love to visit this location. Opening day is tomorrow. Here's a nifty fact: more glass was used in this location than any other Apple Store.
  • The GameSpy game hosting service is shutting down. This change will affect a huge number of games, including titles for iOS, OS X and others. Those concerned for their favorite games are being prompted to contact the game's developer.

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