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Comcast could soon launch its own WiFi-powered mobile service


With companies like Verizon pushing into its broadband turf, Comcast may be pushing back with its own mobile network, according to a report from The Information. Insiders claim that, like Google, it's considering a service that would work using a combination of Comcast's million+ WiFi hotspots and leased cellular capacity from other operators. Those could include Verizon, with which it already has a deal in place for wholesale network access. In addition, it has over 8 million customer WiFi routers that could also function as hotspots. If all that is accurate, Comcast could offer such a service separately, as part of a bundle or even as a cheap WiFi-only package à la Scratch Wireless. Take it with a big dollop of skepticism, though -- Comcast has gone down that road before.

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