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T-Mobile rolls out $40 Simple Starter plan for people wary of overages


Oh, you thought T-Mobile might take a breather from continually overhauling its wireless plans? Not so, dear readers. The magenta-hued carrier just announced a new $40 Simple Starter plan that grants you unlimited talk, text and 500MB of high-speed data... and it turns out that's just the beginning. T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised (in a feisty, pointed open letter to consumers) that the carrier has more to reveal over the next three days.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, as there are a few tidbits to keep in mind before jumping on this new deal. You won't get throttled when you bump up against that 500MB bandwidth cap, for one -- you'll instead be prompted to buy a day pass for more data access... or to sign up for one of the carrier's rejiggered Simple Choice plans instead. Perhaps that's not the more friction-free approach to getting your web surfing on, but it at least removes the possibility of getting smacked with overage fees. Would-be Simple Starter customers can still get T-Mobile to pay those termination fees if they're coming from another carrier, so those of you running on a budget may want to give this plan some thought.

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