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Ethan: Meteor Hunter chases space rocks to Vita on April 15


Following the announcement of a Vita version of Ethan: Meteor Hunter earlier this year, developer Seaven Studio has unveiled an official release date: April 15.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter centers on a rat who strayed too close to the sorts of falling heavenly bodies that can cause a mammal to develop special abilities, specifically the telekinetic power to stop time and move objects. Now, Ethan uses these powers to hunt down more meteorites, in his ultimate quest to take revenge on the fiend who destroyed his house. It's not Dostoevsky (or even Stan Lee), but the premise does offer ample reason for players to hop through Ethan's world.

New to the Vita game are optional touchscreen telekinesis controls, though otherwise it's identical to the game currently available on both PC and PlayStation 3. On debut, Ethan: Meteor Hunter will bear a $10 price tag.
[Image: Seaven Studio]

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