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Sony warns users that its VAIO Fit risks catching fire (update)

Matt Brian, @m4tt

As Sony prepares to get out of the PC market, reports of a battery defect in one of its new notebooks will do little to preserve a happy memory of its legacy. The Wall Street Journal reports that an issue with Sony's VAIO Fit 11A could cause the laptop to overheat and catch fire, so the company's asking owners to stop using it immediately. Sony's already sold 25,905 units in total, with the majority shipping to Europe, but has not yet issued an official recall for the device. That is the expected outcome, however, leaving the struggling electronics giant with another major headache just as it completes the sale of its VAIO arm to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP).

Update: Sony has released more information on the issue, confirming that it will "repair or replace the affected PCs at no charge, or to refund the purchase price for the affected PCs." The company says it expects to issue further guidance within the next two weeks, warning users not to touch their notebook until that time.

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