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Sprint's cellphone for kids lets parents keep a close watch


Many parents are comfortable with giving cellphones to teens, but young kids are a different story -- how do you introduce them to mobile technology without also exposing them to all kinds of dangers? Sprint thinks its new WeGo phone is a good answer to that dilemma. The simple, rugged design not only limits a child's calling and messaging options to pre-approved contacts, but lets their parents track just about anything through mobile apps or the web. Concerned adults can pinpoint the location of the WeGo whenever they like; they also get alerts when the unexpected happens, such as when the phone shuts off or someone pulls its tether-based panic alarm.

If you're willing to ease Junior into cellphones, you can buy the WeGo today by paying $5 per month for two years ($120 total). The childproof handset also has its own $10 monthly service plan that offers 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 messages. At those rates, the WeGo makes considerably more fiscal sense than a full-featured cellphone. Just don't expect it to prevent your little ones from envying the smartphone-toting older kids down the street.

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