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Anyone can sign up to buy Google Glass tomorrow; will you?

Sarah Silbert

Tomorrow, as most everyone in the US knows, is tax day. It's also the one day where Google will open up the sale of its Glass wearable to the general public, meaning you won't need that Explorer invite to nab a pair. What you will need is $1,500, a US shipping address and a healthy dose of realism about the limitations of Google Glass as it currently exists. That's right; even though the curtain of exclusivity around the product is slowly but surely lifting, Glass is still very much in the beta stage, with short battery life and a limited number of apps.

Plenty of you have voiced suspicions that Google made this one-day-only event for the sole purpose of selling out of units and making headlines. Maybe so, but it's still a good opportunity for the curious who may have hefty tax rebates heading their way. If you want to take the plunge, make sure to point your browser here tomorrow at 6AM Pacific on the dot, as supplies are indeed limited. In the meantime, tell us if you're planning to splurge tomorrow in our poll below the break.

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