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    Daily App: Xtrapop adds pop culture to your photos as long as you pay up


    Xtrapop is a whimsical app that allows you to add some flair to your photos in just a few minutes. It's not a serious image editor like VSCO Cam or Aviary, but a light-hearted app to make someone ROFL when you send them an image.

    Xtrapop focuses on stickers, filters and frames, which you add to the photo in steps. The app is easy to use -- just select a sticker, drag it into place, and then use gestures to resize and rotate it to fit the scene. Stickers are selectable, allowing you to delete and readjust them. The app also supports layers so you can move stickers to the front and background to get your desired effect.


    Frames and filters can be added next, and they, too, can be removed and changed as needed. When you are done, you can export the final image to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You also can save it to your camera roll or send it via messages or email.

    Xtrapop ships with a small amount of stock content that you can add for free. It's enough to get you started with the app, but you will quickly want more if you end up using Xtrapop on a regular basis. Extra stickers, frames and filters are available in 99-cent packs that can purchased within the app. Free and paid content are labeled appropriately, which eliminates the frustration of picking just the right sticker for your photo and then finding out it is not free.

    Xtrapop works well for adding some fun to your photos, but some may be turned off by the amount of paid content within the app. Xtrapop is free from the iOS App Store. It is available for the iPhone and requires iOS 7.

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