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The Flock plays a deadly game of 'Red Light, Green Light'

The childlike belief that prowling monsters can only survive in the dark is actually reality in The Flock's universe, which developer Vogelsap eventually plans to release on Steam. The multiplayer game initially assigns a uniform race to its competitors, converting them into large, swift, bony creatures called The Flock. Players engage in a race to gain control of the Light Artifact, an object that transforms them into a slower, fragile being known as the Carrier. Why would you compete for an object that makes you weaker? Because points are awarded for holding the Light Artifact, and the first player to reach the score threshold earns eternal Carrier status and bragging rights ... until the next match, anyway.

The struggle doesn't end as soon as the first claw hand grazes the Light Artifact, though. The remaining Flock can hunt down and attack the Carrier to claim the artifact for themselves. The Flock are more agile than the Carrier, after all, but with the species' monster status comes an inherit weakness to light, including the beacon that spills out of the Light Artifact when it's in the hands of a Carrier.

The Flock will die if they move within the Light Artifact's sight, but they can turn to stone and survive if they remain motionless while light is cast upon them. Think of it like "Red Light, Green Light" with more dire consequences for losing. As useful as the Carrier's Light Artifact is, it still makes the Carrier's position highly visible throughout a match, ensuring that The Flock generally know the location of their prey.
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