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Forget shots, Palcohol turns vodka into a powdered condiment

Emily Price

Why sip on a nice glass of scotch when you can get tipsy on salad instead? A new product called Palcohol takes the pesky liquid out of your favorite drinks; turning them into a potent powder you can just sprinkle on your hamburger for an extra "kick." The company doesn't recommend snorting it (be honest, we know that's what you were thinking), but says it can be used most anywhere else. Powders are available in straight liquor form as well as premixes like Lemon Drop and Margarita, and if you'd rather drink your booze (as if!), Palcohol can be liquefied with water and consumed just like a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Sound too good to be true? US regulators have surprisingly already approved Palcohol for sale in the United States, but don't expect the product at your corner liquor store anytime soon. Individual states still have to approve the powder. And while the original idea for the product was supposedly booze that could be easily carried around by hikers and other outdoors-types, it also seems like it would appeal to a younger crowd (a no-no for many state legislators).

Palcohol's site originally suggested bringing your undercover "Pal" places like movie theaters where drinking isn't allowed or sprinkling a little vodka on eggs in the morning to "start your day off right." Neither sound like the most responsible of powdering (yes, we're coining a new term) choices. The site has since been updated to suggest better habits, but it's still pretty easy to see how something like powdered vodka could be misused.

Unfortunately, we haven't had an opportunity to taste-test the wares, but we imagine Palcohol is more on-par with cheap hangover-inducing booze than something you'd want to sip slowly with a cigar by the fire. It's unclear how much a package of tequila might run when it hits store shelves. However, the ability to have a margarita (no matter how bad) sprinkled on our nachos sounds priceless.

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