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Report: Twitch viewership beats ESPN, WWE streaming sites

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Twitch is the number one site for live streaming video content in the United States, according to video solutions company Qwilt. The company's data shows Twitch leading by a large margin: it currently possesses 43.6 percent of all live streaming viewership, while WWE - its closest competitor - pulls in 17.7 percent. ESPN only managed 6.3 percent.

Qwilt describes Twitch as "Yankee Stadium, Lambeau Field, Madison Square Garden, Estadia Do Maracana and Wembley all rolled into one" on its site. Hyperbole? Maybe, but then, according the Qwilt's data, Twitch was ranked in the top five video entertainment sites (which includes services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu) in not just the US, but the UK, Brazil, Taiwan, Peru and Thailand as well.

We have nothing witty to end this on. Them's some impressive numbers, any way you slice it.
[Image: Qwilt]

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