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Oral-B's app-connected toothbrush now rescuing British teeth for £230


Oral-B's electric toothbrushes spin, vibrate and get into places your standard scrubber can only imagine, but none are more extravagant than the new "Smart Series" launched today. The Bluetooth-endowed brushes -- yes, they're a thing now -- pair with iOS devices (an Android app's due in August) and tell you how terrible your oral hygiene is, with the hope of improving it. Basically, the app allows you to choose different brushing routines, with your iPhone showing a timer (as well as news and weather reports to distract you from the dull task at hand), telling you when to move on to different areas of your chops, and notifying you when you're putting too much pressure on your teeth. Oral-B's actually had toothbrushes with similar functionality for many years, but they've all required additional hardware that's replaced by your phone in this new Smart Series. Kind of like a fitness tracker for brushing, the app will also store session data so you can build up a record of successful scrubs.

The idea is that you'll take better care of your teeth when you're more aware of your habits, and that dentists can recommend the right routine for you after reviewing the data stored on your phone, and looking at your teeth, of course. "Limited quantities" of the new range are available on Boots' website from today, with Amazon receiving stock in June and other retailers in July. At £230 for the "Pro 6000" model or £250 for the "Limited Edition Pro 6500," you've gotta be pretty obsessed with your gnashers, or silly gadgetry, to actually consider buying one. You should probably also factor in the cost of phone insurance, too, if you're going to start taking it on regular visits to the sink area.

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