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The jury deliberates in the Apple vs. Samsung case and other news from April 30, 2014


The second Apple vs. Samsung trial is now in the hands of the jury, and in addition to asking for supplies, they also have asked for additional information regarding the first jury trial but was denied. As Electronista reports:

The second jury question asked how Apple chose the five patents presented in the case, and whether Apple's leadership were made aware of what patents would be used prior to the decision to pursue a lawsuit. The third question asked essentially the same thing of the two Samsung patents, how they were "chosen to be purchased, and who specifically and initially recommended that purchase?"

Following a brief discussion with attorneys for both Apple and Samsung, Judge Koh adopted Apple's proposal and instructed the jurors that the evidence presented at trial is all they will have to work with, and that they must reach a decision based on what they were given during the trial. Typically, juries are not allowed to be presented with additional evidence following the conclusion of a trial – though they can, at a judge's discretion, be directed back to specific parts of the evidence already presented, or have specific portions of testimony read back to them as a refresher.

Other news from Wednesday afternoon includes:

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