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Camelot Unchained promises 'bat-shit crazy' reveals in May


Camelot Unchained has something big to celebrate today: the first anniversary of its successfully funded Kickstarter bid. According to today's newsletter, City State Entertainment has raised a total of $5.6 million dollars -- $2.6 million from backers and $3 million from investors, including $2 million from studio head honcho Mark Jacobs himself.

How will the studio be celebrating the anniversary? Jacobs revealed via video that during May, CSE will be hosting a multi-day reveal event he's calling "bat-shit crazy days in May." Expect all-day streaming, contests, scoops on major game systems (like magic, crafting, combat, and levels), subscription details, new lore, map discussion, the official name of the game, guys in bunny suits, and flying ducks. Seriously. The video's embedded below!

[Thanks to tipster Guinness!]

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