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Adidas confirms offline Spotify playback coming to its SmartRun Android watch


Yesterday we reported on a new collaboration between Spotify and Adidas that would allow runners to cook up a personalized playlist and fresh route for their next run. That's great, if you run with your phone, but we mused that Adidas already has a device that could handle that task -- the Android-powered SmartRun. Turns out, Adidas is one step ahead, and confirmed to us today that offline Spotify playback will be coming to the SmartRun later this year (towards Christmastime). So, a plus for Spotify subscribers, who get one more place to enjoy their music, and a definite boost for SmartRun owners, if for no other reason than the knowledge that it's a product Adidas is clearly keen to expand the functionality of. Too much to dare that even more features could be in the pipeline?

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