Adidas teams with Spotify to soundtrack your run, hook you up with a new route

Spotify knows a thing of two about playlists we guess. As for Adidas? It's responsible for more gallons of sweat than most. So, in something of an inspired combination, the two forces have linked-up to create a web-tool for runners. Hit up this link, and you'll be prompted for your location, a hint of your musical taste, and just how physical you want to get. Feed that info into the machine, and you'll be rewarded with a route to run in your locale (that matches your chosen distance) and a playlist based on your reference track AND desired level of physical pump. The heavy lifting for the route selection is actually powered by Runkeeper. Given there's a music-and-mapping device with Adidas' name on it, we can see potential for greater integration (offline music on the watch? A feature for loading the map? Too much to ask?). That'd definitely give not just us, but the competition, a run for its money.