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Restructuring and redundancies at Future


Future, known for game magazines and websites such as OXM, PC Gamer, CVG and Edge, is undergoing further global restructuring, which will result in layoffs across the company. "No part of the business will be unaffected," according to CEO Zillah Byng-Maddick. That includes the management board, which will be "streamlined" as part of the process. MediaWeek reports that Future will "no longer be structured around content types like technology but instead a single content and marketing team will produce all content."

Strategically, Byng-Maddick says Future plans to "refocus and simplify," leveraging its ability to "attract large communities of highly engaged customers who want to buy things." Byng-Maddick's new plan seems to be at odds with former CEO Mark Wood's plan to transition Future to digital publishing. Attempting to move to digital "diluted [Future's] focus and distracted our talent," she said.

Future currently owns dozens of brands across nine different categories, ranging from cars to tech, music, sports and, of course, video games. Exactly how these brands will be affected remains to be seen, as the number of redundancies will be decided after a 45-day consulting process.

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