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If you want to make an Android phone with Google, here are some of the rules


Before large (and even larger) sums of money were asked of Samsung and Apple, the legal brawl between the pair kept dragging a third party, Google, into the discussion. A big part of this was the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) between the internet company and Samsung which laid out how the latter would support the former in patent claims. Now the spotlights on this agreement, with a recent class action suit claiming that parts violate antitrust laws. Recode's uploaded the agreements between Samsung, HTC and Google, which touch on some of the rules of making an Android smartphone.

According the paperwork, If manufacturers want to use a single Google app on their forthcoming Android phone, then you have to install all of them. Even Google Play Newstand. Other (obvious) points outline that Google must be the default search engine (we're shocked), and that the search box (and some apps like Google Play, then Android Market), be "at least immediately adjacent to the Default Home Screen". And if you're a smartphone maker willing to forgo Google Maps, Gmail and the rest, well, there's always that open source version.

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