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You've selected Mad Men? Moviefone redesign tacks on TV listings


Earlier this year, AOL shuttered Moviefone's call-in directory service. The brand lives on though, and today it outed a new look, with a retooled web site and mobile apps in tow. Chief amongst the changes? The addition of TV. Now, episode listings, cast info, curated Watch Lists and other details are baked in alongside a handy list of viewing options -- if you're itching to stream a selection right this second. There's an emphasis on search, too. A query box now appears at the top of every page you'll swipe or click to, and the results now include those Watch Lists -- allowing for theme- or occasion-based title hunting. Moviefone has also ditched its iconic red paint scheme for blue as a part of the UI makeover. What's more, the outfit is looking for a new voice, so if you've ever wanted to follow in Kramer's footsteps, now could be you chance to do so. Perhaps now the only thing left to do is to come up with more accurate name for the service. "Videofone" gets our vote.

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