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Ibb and Obb bringing its gravity-twisting co-op to Steam


Ibb and Obb makes the jump from PS3 to Windows PC on May 26, although in its world a jump is no simple thing. Gravity goes up as well as down in Sparpweed's platformer, which makes for all kind of bizarre puzzles.

Luckily you have a local or online friend to help you navigate Ibb and Obb's colorful worlds. Technically, you can play game alone by controlling both characters on the keyboard, but Sparpweed says doing things that way is akin to riding a seesaw solo: "'ll be very hard and simply less fun."

To encourage you to find a co-op pal, Sparpweed's offering a two-in-one pack at a "strong discount." We'll have to wait a little longer for specific prices, though.

Update: Not that much longer, evidently. Ibb and Obb will cost 12 bob, er, dollars as a single game - that's 10 euros across the pond. The two-in-one Best Friends Forever pack is $14, or 12 euros.
[Image: Sparpweed]

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