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Don't touch this toilet

Emily Price

If there's one thing we can all universally agree on, it's that toilets can get pretty gross. Sometimes to a point you don't want to even get near them to flush. Kohler feels your pain, and has created a solution with its new electromagnetically-activated touchless toilet. The next generation of your home's most-used chair, it allows you to hold your hand above the commode to achieve the perfect flush without you ever having to make contact with the porcelain. The sensor will come built into several of the company's new thrones, and will also be available as a $99 standalone kit you can retrofit to your current bowl. It's a cool trick that has a lot of technology behind it.

Any self-respecting bathroom connoisseur knows that self-flushing toilets aren't anything new. Commercial seats, however, use a beam-based technology that decides you're done with business when you move, breaking that beam. If you're just shifting to get a better position, then you run the risk of a premature flush situation. Instead of beams, Kohler is using an emerging sensing technology on the top of your toilet that "projects an electromagnetic field that is both extremely accurate and reliable." The result is a precise system that only flushes when you wave your hand into that field. If only Kohler could come up with the same technology for lifting the seat...

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