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Explore the whimsy of Hohokum on PS4, PS3, Vita this Summer


If the warmer, sunnier months put you in the mood for something a bit less bloody and a bit more adorable, you'll be pleased to hear that Hohokum is now slated to hit the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita this Summer.

Artist Richard Hogg describes Hohokum as "the right kind of wonky," a descriptor that should not be seen as an indictment of the game's functionality. Instead, Hogg is referring to the unorthodox characters and gameplay that lend Hohokum the same kind of pleasantly weird vibe found in Keita Takahashi's Noby Noby Boy or Katamari Damacy. Instead of slaying enemies or racking up points in the usual fashion seen in video games, Hohokum focuses on the joys of exploring a vibrant world populated by weird creatures who, for once, aren't out to kill you.

Though Hogg's post on the offers no specific release date beyond the nebulous "this Summer," he does note that the game now has its own website. There you can find music, artwork and footage of the game in abundance - far more than you see on most other official sites.
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