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Fix for Diablo 3 lag coming in future patch


Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls launch has been going much more smoothly than the first couple months of the original game. That said, there are still some annoying lag issues which persist. Personally speaking, I've seen both these happen, although they seem to happen intermittently for me at worst. There have been times where I've played and not seen them at all -- but nonetheless my ears perked up when I heard Blizzard has a fix incoming for them.

As Omrakos explains, the two lag issues being fixed in particular are...

"Any time a friend signs on or when I open my inventory the game halts for a second or two completely. In multiplayer games it's even worse. Other events cause this too. Sometimes it's several seconds before it's back."

"Also, loot drops and it's not displayed for several seconds"

There isn't a timeframe for the patch, so I wouldn't hold your breath. But one has to imagine it's soon.

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