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iPhone 5s top seller at all US carriers, and more news for May 8, 2014


Despite the fact that Apple is doomed, Doomed, DOOMED, there's still a ton of good news coming out about the company's products. On this slow news Thursday, we hear about how the iPhone 5s is doing in the United States, and more upbeat news about AAPL.

  • Cannacord Genuity has raised its target price for shares of Apple stock to $660, based partially on the results of a survey that showed the iPhone 5s to be the most popular handset at all four major US carriers. According to Cannacord survey results provided to AppleInsider, carrier early upgrade programs -- AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, T-Mobile Jump and Sprint One Up -- are being heavily adopted by customers and could result in a strong upgrade cycle when the next iPhone appears.
  • While Jony Ive's iPhone 5s is breaking sales records, Samsung reportedly replaced its mobile design chief Chang Dong-hoon after an underwhelming introduction of the flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. Chang will now be working on a design language for the rest of the Korean conglomerate's divisions, with his deputy taking over the all-important work of designing future smartphones and tablets. The S5 has been panned worldwide, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the back of the device was "reminiscent of a Band-Aid" and the International Business Times saying that it "Looks Cheap, Feels Cheap."
  • Adobe has released Adobe Voice for iPad, a free iPad app allowing users to create videos using simple animation and user narration. TUAW blogger Mel Martin took a first look at the app today, and it looks like a wonderful way to produce animated video content quickly.
  • And one day after Apple VP of Corporate Communication Katie Cotton announced her departure from the company, Apple's VP of Sales for North America, Zane Rowe, is also leaving the company. His duties will be passed along to Doug Beck, who manages sales in Japan and Korea.

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