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How to hide secret messages in your Twitter updates


Twitter offers a surprising freedom of expression within 140 characters, but what if you want to hide a message in plain sight -- say, to get around censorship? Well, it's now as easy as pie. Matthew Holloway has built a web tool that uses steganography (that is, hiding messages within other content) to put secret phrases inside your tweets. The technique replaces letters with similar-looking characters that hide a second message you can only reveal with the right decoder.

Holloway is quick to stress that this isn't cryptography. Since anyone can use the tool, your hidden meaning is fair game to anyone who tracks down his website and pastes in your text. It's also patently obvious that this isn't an ordinary post, so suspicious types will know that something's up. Still, if you ever want to enjoy a degree of obscurity on Twitter -- or just want to mess with your followers -- you can check out the utility at the source link.

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