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Breakfast Topic: Are you getting BlizzCon tickets?

Anne Stickney

Today is the second and final day to pick up tickets for BlizzCon 2014, November 7-8 in Anaheim. This year, tickets are being sold via Eventbrite. The first round sold out almost immediately, much to my dismay -- so I'll be spamming F5 with everyone else come 10am PDT and trying to get a ticket from this batch. I have to admit, I really liked the Blizzard Store ticketing system far, far better than Eventbrite's strange method of putting people in waiting rooms and booting them out before tickets are actually gone.

Regardless, I'm sure I'm not alone. How many of you guys are going to be trying to get tickets this morning? Are you planning on attending, or just getting the virtual ticket this year and watching from the comfort of your home? Have you managed to traverse the Eventbrite system and already obtain a ticket for the event? Good luck to everyone giving it a try this morning!

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