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Zeds are out for blood again in Killing Floor 2 for PC

If the first Killing Floor hasn't already proven it, Tripwire Interactive has no shortage of creepy, violent zeds at their disposal. Their surplus has spilled into Killing Floor 2, a second dose of wave-based, teamwork-oriented first-person shooting bound for Windows. PC Gamer revealed the sequel this week in an exclusive feature, chatting with Tripwire President John Gibson about what's different in this round of fire.

KF2 shifts from London to Paris and offers a revamped gore system called "MEAT," standing for Massive Evisceration and Trauma. 95 death animations and 19 body points of dismemberment will help players paint a uniquely grim picture with their weaponry, and every splash of blood will remain where it falls throughout a match. While rendering wall-coating gore would normally be taxing, Killing Floor 2 will modify textures in real time, displaying splattered carnage as makeshift murals rather than in-level objects.

A revamped progression system will also be present, with players unlocking and having to choose between two new skills for every five levels earned. Four difficulty settings will be offered, but ramping up the challenge will grant zeds new abilities and amplify their aggression, rather than simply making them faster, denser bullet sponges like the first game.

Modders will also be catered to, with Tripwire planning to support Steam Workshop and to release a mod SDK. A release window for KF2 hasn't been offered, but Gibson told PC Gamer that it may reach Early Access for PC and SteamOS earlier than he expects.
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